David L. Hough. · Rating details · 1, ratings · 80 reviews. Proficient Motorcycling is hands down the best and most complete book ever written on how to. Proficient Motorcycling is hands down the best and most complete book ever written Fred Rau, Senior Editor, Motorcycle Consumer News. David L. Hough. Great book here: Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough. I read this book almost every year, even though some of the statistics are older now it.

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It’s just a little long and too-involved. I am embarrassed to admit hougu although this book is well-written, informative and descriptive, I haven’t read it all the way through. These are all very practical pointers that helped me figure out non-optimal parts of my cornering technique, including the benefits of slowing down for turns using the brakes rather than engine braking.

Riding Book in PDF: Proficient Motorcycling

I tend to pick it up when I’ve been struggling with the application of a maneuver — such as cornering, which was taught to me in the MSF course a certain way, but is often better applied in real life riding through the application of late apexing. There is a profucient of information and it’s a bit long-winded at times, but I gave it the maximum rating because it gives real-world life-saving advice for new motorcyclists.

There’s no substitute for on-the-bike training by a professional. I would highly recommend this book to any new motorcycle rider. Special Situations, chapter six, goes into rain and other weather hazards, including rain gear, cold, wind and heat, and how to counter their physical effects. Motorcyclling first bike and makes you very aware of the hazards, but, hougn importantly the rider as motocycling the biggest reason of motorcycle accidents due to not paying attention and defensive driving.

Feb 10, Emily rated it it was ok. Wikimedia Commons has media related to David L. The detail offered in each section of the book can only come from decades on the road, and the author is the consummate instructor, assigning homework to the readers in the form of exercises to practice and improve specific techniques that he outlines and illustrates in the text.


Chapter proficieny deals with urban traffic survival techniques. Thanks for telling us about proficirnt problem. I have to admit, considering the ability of sidecar rigs to ride in snow and iceand carry children and significant others more comfortably and safely, this section has me thinking of a dual-sport sidecar rig and an electric suit, for my next bike. There is much more to the book though; it’s basically a super-experienced motorcyclist providing his pearls of wisdom.

I’ve used his advice to get myself home after an unexpected blizzard Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. David Hough is well-known in the motorcycling community as a premier motorcycle journalist, with many decades of street riding under his belt.

Proficient Motorcycling : The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well

Jun 24, David rated it it was amazing. I was reminded of this book in a recent conversation, and as it has a place of honor mitorcycling my bookshelf, I thought I’d review it.

The sections on how to turn correctly and on how to drive on uneven, sandy or wet terrain were particularly practical especially for Africa. Riding and life can be very fun but all arounds us accidents are just waiting to happen. Plenty of information and the quality of the content is superb.

Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Avoid cities or you will motorcycllng run over. The final chapter, Sharing the Ride, deals with group riding, passengers, bike loading and carrying capacity, with charming detail on a particular passion of Hough’s, sidecar riding. He’s not perfect but it’s more nearly within his reach than any rider I’v Don’t sit down to read this like a novel, you’ll choke on it.


Too much preaching, too much backing off, too much bowing to the inevitability of a situation and not enough control. So enjoy your ride. A must-have book for new riders and a great resource for experienced road vets.

Bike : Proficient Motorcycling Review

Substitute moose, elk, rabbit, fox, raccoon or any other wild animal for deer. Overall, a highly recommended read for any profifient, as long as you understand what you’re getting into. And boy does he like to explain the hell out of things. Open Preview See a Problem?

Be the first to ask a question about Proficient Motorcycling. From inside the book. With proficcient increases in use of bikes and scooters for basic transportation, and the fact that most of us have to navigate cities to get out on those country lanes, Hough lays out the basic defensive tactics and situational awareness techniques. Oct 01, Gary L. I feel as though while the writing could be improved some hard to follow in proficcient areas it’s altogether a great tool for any rider.

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The paper book seems better than the kindle edition. Man, this guy is long-winded. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. It’s top speed is 60 mph and that is only if I am going downhill leaning forward.

I found this book ve So I have been driving a motorcycle for a year now. We note profixient approve Hough’s take on following and sight distances. Sometimes a curb or wet leaves on a fast turn, or maybe a fence at the end of the road. Jan 03, Steve Fiver rated it it was amazing.